Library Mascots

Library Mascots
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hungry for more like Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games trilogy is wonderful to read but not appropriate for our K-4th library so I thought I would spotlight the author of the series, Suzanne Collins, and the series she wrote before Kat and crew: The Underland Chronicles. The first book in the series is Gregor the Overlander and it is awesome!
At one point, while reading the second book in the series, Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, I was so shocked by something that happened that I had to put the book down.  But, of course, soon enough, I picked it right back up and finished that book and the next three.  Love them!  I think you will, too, if you like fantasy and adventure stories.
I know these books already have fans at our school.  I just looked at our library catalog and all five are checked!  Fantastic!!

NOTE: Miss Caddell is the queen of the library  but  not  the Internet so be careful when looking around and always get your parent's permission before you go online.  Please don't sign up for ANYTHING without letting an adult know about it!

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